Hire Remote FinTech Developers for Part-Time or Full-Time Projects

We are a Ukrainian provider of excellent FinTech consultancy and development services with 10+ years of experience. We work with businesses of all sizes globally to bring powerful and highly functional FinTech solutions both for internal and external use. By collaborating with us, you get access to experienced FinTech developers and consultants ready to work on your unique projects full-time or part-time. You get full control of the remote team and pay only for the time the experts work on your project. Such a model offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction for any software development project. Whether you are looking for constant cooperation and expanding your team remotely or a situational consultancy from a senior-level expert, we are happy to help. We will find suitable developers for your business’s specific needs and tech stack.

Financial technologies embrace nearly every aspect of our life. They let us send funds worldwide with minimal fees, pay for purchases online, open bank accounts from home, etc. Fintech application development helps businesses better plan their investments and provide wealth management services. Thousands of SaaS products and banking apps we use daily also belong to fintech.

Consumers name multiple benefits of the fintech solutions they use. Technologies help them get better control and easier tracking of their finances. Users also report that fintech apps help them save money and time while eliminating stress and improving financial habits. Unsurprisingly, with such making-life-easier advantages, the popularity of finance-related software products increases.

That's why fintech apps development evolves swiftly. And with such rapid industry advancement, the demand for fintech experts grows unprecedentedly too. Product owners and startup founders aim to hire fintech consultants facing multiple recruiting challenges. But let us face them for you!

Types of FinTech Developers
We Can Hire for Your Business

The FinTech industry is rapidly developing with new solutions and technologies appearing constantly. Whether you are looking to create a new B2B or B2C software product, we will find the best consultants and developers for this specific need.

No matter for niche the expertise you are looking for is, we can source the exact match, including:

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts. These fintech application developers boast extensive knowledge in distributed systems, cryptography, decentralized APIs, consensus algorithms, and smart contracts. They incorporate blockchain solutions to optimize business processes and workflows.

Online Banking and Consumer Banking programmers

Online Banking and Consumer Banking programmers. The appealing UI design of your banking platform, its responsive interface, and its friendly structure are what these developers do. They build flexible solutions and set advanced anti-fraud rules.

Digital Lending solutions’ specialists

Digital Lending solutions’ specialists. If you need a loan platform empowered by AI to support your loan functionalities, these professionals can help. They use the latest technologies to create robust digital lending solutions for banks.

Business Plan software developers

Business Plan software developers. Assisting your customers in building accurate financial reports and forecasts is easy with a qualified fintech app developer. With this expert, you can help pitchers raise thousands.

Mobile payment programmers

Mobile payment programmers. Are you considering integrating the FX functionality, running cross-border payments, and even creating your own payment network? These professionals know how to do it.

Insurance and InsuTech specialists

Insurance and InsuTech specialists. Once you want to create a platform to support all insurance company operations, hire a fintech expert specializing in InsuTech. Commissions, reinsurance, accounting, claims — you name it.

International money transfer consultants

International money transfer consultants. These dedicated fintech developers are experienced in creating multi-currency accounts and arranging international transfers for businesses and individuals. Set fees, exchange rates, and delivery times on your terms.

Billing Integration professionals

Billing Integration professionals. With these specialists on board, you'll create advanced billing solutions for various industries. Integrate invoicing into sales, accounting, and provisioning and engage your payment partners.

Crowdfunding developers

Crowdfunding developers. If you need to raise funds for your business through crowdfunding, hire fintech developers with us. They'll add basic features and ensure money inflow through investments, donations, and pre-orders.

Investment experts

Investment experts. These fintech app development specialists will enrich your trading platform with specific investment options and AI-powered advice. Add gamification and full-service experience to retail and institutional clients.

Payment gateway protection consultants

Payment gateway protection consultants. Exchanging sensitive data with your web store customers must be secured. So hire fintech developer with payment gateway protection expertise. This expert will help to encrypt and transfer financial credentials and guarantee legitimate payments.

Cyber security experts

Cyber security experts. No fintech solution goes live unprotected from fraud and cyber attacks. So find fintech developers to ensure your software and related devices don't have vulnerabilities. They also embrace informational and operational security.

Budgeting application developers

Budgeting application developers. Budgeting apps help users return debts, save funds, or set financial goals. If you also want to allow linking bank accounts and track cash flows, you'll need to hire fintech software developer.

Digital advising and stock-trading specialists

Digital advising and stock-trading specialists. Competitive wealthtech apps allow individuals to leverage robo-advisors for their financial management. And stock-trading developers will help you create top-notch AI-based investment apps.

RegTech developers

RegTech developers. RegTech professionals from a reliable fintech development company will help you create a tool that helps businesses comply with official regulations and requirements. This allows companies to avoid legal issues and fines.

PayTech experts

PayTech experts. The PayTech segment of fintech focuses on payments using technology. And if you work on an innovative payment-related product like a digital wallet or new cryptocurrency, you'll need the support of experienced programmers.

WealthTech consultants

WealthTech consultants. These fintech developers for hire boast expertise in the financial services industry. They know all about digital wealth management, investment platforms, and robo-advisors.

BNPL professionals

BNPL professionals. Do you create a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) program offering short-time loans with no interest fee? Then address talented fin tech developers in this niche.

Steps to Hire a FinTech Developer

Requirements gathering

Tell us what professionals you are looking for

Reviewing and vetting CVs

We select and review the best candidates

Conducting technical interviews

Our professionals evaluate the technical expertise, experience, and skills of candidates

Signing contracts and starting the project

We find the best developers for you to sign contracts with

Tasks FinTech Developers Can Do for
Your Company

  • Evaluate the current state of FinTech solutions or environments;
  • Suggest advancements, upgrades, or implementation of relevant technologies;
  • Project ideation, specification of tech stack and functionality, and road mapping the software product development stages and schedules;
  • Design of future solution, from architecture to UI/UX;
  • Development of all functionality and all stages of the product;
  • Front-end, back-end, or full-cycle custom software development;
  • Implementation of advanced cyber security measures to the software solution and IT infrastructure;
  • Compliance with international and local laws and regulations regarding FinTech industry;
  • Troubleshooting, testing, and quality assurance of the product;
  • Data migration and cloud engineering;
  • Deployment, release, and post-release support of the solution;
  • Management, upgrade, and optimization of deployed software.
FinTech Consulting and Software
Development Services We Offer

We offer 2 options to cooperate with FinTech Consultants: part-time consultancy from a Senior-level expert or hiring a full-time dedicated Developer with relevant experience.

Part-time consultancy from a Senior-level FinTech developer or software architect

This type of cooperation is perfect for companies looking for developing and releasing a new FinTech solution but do not have the in-house capacity to do it on their own. Also for businesses that are looking for situational consultancy on implementing FinTech software in their internal operations. We offer expertise from senior-level FinTech professionals in terms of architecture, tech stack, road map of the development process, and control and management of the operations. Such professionals bring a high level of expertise on a part-time basis or demand. When you hire fintech software developers part-time, you pay only for hours worked. This helps new companies and SMBs get fintech app development services for limited-budget projects. This cooperation model is flexible, so whenever you need it, you can grow your team. Our recruiters will quickly hire remote fintech developers with relevant expertise.

Hiring a full-time dedicated FinTech developer.

This model of collaboration is beneficial for companies of all sizes and industries. From startups that look for an affordable option on building FinTech MVP or developing an innovative project to enterprises interested in expanding their development team remotely. In this case, they can provide constant ongoing cooperation and support from top FinTech developers according to their business scope. These programmers will work exclusively on your project and you have full control of the remote team and their working hours. It allows entering new markets, releasing software products quicker, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry. Whether your business wants to create a custom FinTech solution or wants to implement the advanced technology into internal operations, our specialists will select the most suitable experts for you.

Looking for implementation or development of custom FinTech software solutions? We will select the best part-time or full-time FinTech specialists for your unique business needs.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to ensuring data security and regulatory compliance in fintech development projects?

We understand that your company is responsible for the personal and financial data of clients. So we've got a set of standards and procedures that let us keep your fintech application secure. These documents help you avoid identity thefts, data leaks, fraudulent transactions, malware attacks, money laundering, etc. We also arrange regular backups, ensure data encryption, and set access controls to secure your data. Rest assured that the policies and processes our teams implement comply with the existing regulations, industry standards, and laws. When you hire a fintech developer with us, we cover consumer protection, cyber security, and data privacy risks.

How do you ensure seamless integration of fintech solutions with our existing systems and infrastructure?

Fintech application development services assume creating applications and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs allow your app to get information from banks, credit card companies, lending organizations, and payment processors. Similarly, we use APIs to incorporate fintech solutions into your existing infrastructure. Our specialists will help you synchronize the fintech app data with existing databases, digital marketing automation tools, CRM, accounting systems, etc. Fintech coders also arrange core system upgrades and cloud migration to ensure effective integration.

What is the typical timeline for a fintech development project, and how do you manage deadlines?

We're not a classic fintech software development company, but as an outsourcing partner, we help businesses build fintech development teams. However, we can advise on approximate timelines. For instance, the planning stage takes around 3 weeks, while the design stage requires 40-80 hours. The development period takes 3-6 months, with the testing phase requiring around a month. However, many fintech projects often go beyond the initially set dates. This happens because the scope of work changes. To avoid changing timelines, our managers apply Scrum methodology and use Jira for project management. Thus, they can set deadlines, track task completions, generate reports, and automate workflows.

How do you handle communication and collaboration with clients during the fintech development process?

Our managers approach every client individually. So from the first call and till the moment we hire a fintech developer for you, our communication will be comfortable for you. Before and after signing the contract, we arrange regular calls and communicate through emails. We cover all the administrative tasks like signing cooperation agreements with developers and arranging their working space. Our team will help you purchase equipment, pay salaries and taxes, and submit official reports. You get complete control over your team members and communicate with them directly. At each month's end, we issue an invoice and add a detailed description of the amounts charged.

Can you provide an estimated cost range for your fintech development services, and how is pricing determined?

The prices we set for fintech application development services depend on the current market and the experience of the specialists your project needs. According to our recent research, you'll pay around $2,300 monthly for a dedicated mid-level expert working full-time. These costs already include expenses for the working area and equipment. Part-time consultants' hourly rates start at $220/hour, so if you plan to keep your fintech consultant busy for around 25 hours a week, you get an approximate cost of $2,000 per month. Short-time cooperation lasts 3 to 6 months, so that the total cost may reach $12,000.

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